Silver necklace, cash stolen from temple in Pakistan

Karachi, Oct 31 (PTI) Three silver necklaces and cash were stolen from a Hindu temple in Kotri in Sindh province of Pakistan. This information was given by quoting police officers in the media news.

According to Dawn newspaper’s news, the thieves broke the lock of Devi Mata temple in Kotri and they fled with three silver necklaces from the neck of the goddess and about Rs 25,000 cash present in the temple’s donation box.

A complaint has been lodged in this regard by the temple’s servitor Bhagwandas.

According to the news, the police have rejected the claims that the thieves had desecrated the deities of the temple during the robbery.

Sindh’s Minority Affairs Minister Gyanchand Asrani appealed for speedy police action and urged the authorities to step up security at the temple.


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