When a lion became a ‘rat’ in front of a dog, watch this Viral Video

If you have courage, even the biggest difficulties become easy. One such video has surfaced in which the lion had to retreat due to fear of the dog. The video is being told from Madhya Pradesh, but NBT does not confirm it.

It is seen in the video that suddenly a lion comes in front of a dog. When the lion runs towards the dog, the dog gets scared for the first time, but it does not back down. The lion stops immediately after coming close to him.

Now it is the turn of the dog. He starts barking loudly. With this, he runs towards the lion. Seeing this fierce form of the dog, the lion gets terrified. He stands for a while and then starts walking backwards. The dog on the strength of his courage forces the lion to run away. This video is becoming fiercely viral on social media.


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