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Gandhi tried to free Savarkar: Sharad Ponkshe

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50 kg of adulterated khowa found in Baramati .. Food and Drug Administration action

In Baramati city, the Food and Drug Administration had carried out raids at various places today. & nbsp; In it, 50 kg of adulterated khova has been found in Hind Sweets, a sweet shop on Bhigwan Road in the city. Foods made from palm oil, milk powder and dyes were sold as khova. They were making and selling food items like petha, barfi etc. So the shop is closed. The Food and Drug Administration has taken action on the eve of Diwali. In this action, the Food and Drug Administration has also found the concerned khova supplier and action will be taken against him. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration has ordered the closure of Hind Sweets, a confectionery shop, for 15 days after the discovery of adulterated khowa.

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