Nawab Malik slams Sameer Wankhede: Sameer Wankhede is a Muslim from birth: Nawab Malik ABP Majha

Nawab Malik: & nbsp; Neeraj Gunde is a broker of the previous government, this broker is accusing me. The former Chief Minister used to go and stay at Chembur’s house. Who had to go directly to the Chief Minister’s cabin. It was & nbsp; going to the offices of all the department secretaries. It used to move around year round. Rashmi was also making a fuss in Shukla’s case. He was going to the Municipal Corporation frequently. The same broker now goes to Sameer Wankhede’s office and sits for hours. Why does it sit there? There is a reason behind it. Because Kashif Khan, Mohit Kamboj, Cordilla Cruz are related to each other. I will bring up this matter soon. After that, the people of BJP will not be able to show their face all over the state. In a word of hope, NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik on Sunday slammed former chief ministers Devendra Fadnavis and Neeraj Gunde. & Nbsp;

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