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> KP Gosavi Arrested: & nbsp; Mumbai Cruise Drugs case has taken a different turn. Punch & nbsp;

After the assassination of Panch Prabhakar Sail, the arrest of Kiran Gosavi, the second Panch in this case, was inevitable. A team of Pune police had left for Lucknow to arrest Gosavi. Gosavi has been charged with four offenses so far. Police were searching for him in various cases. A case has been registered against Gosavi in ​​Pune police in a fraud case. An audio clip of Gosavi went viral on Monday evening. It was learned that he had gone to the Lucknow police to surrender. However, it was said that the Lucknow police refused to arrest Gosavi. Elsewhere, Lucknow police had advised him to surrender. As soon as it is understood that Gosavi is in Lucknow, a team of Pune police has left. So now Gosavi’s arrest is being considered for sure. & nbsp;

Gosavi’s audio clip goes viral after Prabhakar Sail’s blast?

On Sunday, Prabhakar Sail made several secret blasts while interviewing ABP Mazha. After his assassination, the action of NCB officer Sameer Wankhede was also questioned. Then came a viral clip of Kiran Gosavi. In this, he knew that he was telling the Lucknow police that he wanted to surrender. It was heard that the police officer was clearly refusing to surrender. Why do you want to surrender here? This was the question Gosavi was being asked by the police officer. “We are near the police station here, so we want to surrender,” Gosavi was telling the officer concerned. So don’t surrender here, go elsewhere, says police officer Kiran Gosavi in ​​an audio clip refusing. & Nbsp;

As soon as it was learned that Gosavi was in Lucknow, a team of Pune police had immediately left. A case of fraud has been registered in Pune against Gosavi, an arbitrator and witness in a drug party on a cruise in Mumbai. Pune police had gone to arrest him in that case. & Nbsp;

Kiran Gosavi has demanded Rs 25 crore from Shah Rukh Khan in exchange for releasing Aryan Khan in the Cruise Drugs Party case, his umpire Prabhakar Sail has alleged. Kiran Gosavi has also been booked in Pune and has been wanted by the Pune police for several days. & Nbsp;

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