Aryan Khan Case: In what capacity did Kiran Gosavi spy on Shahrukh’s son Aryan Khan, private detective or witness


  • No detective has the right to spy on any person
  • Most detectives don’t have a license
  • No agency authorizes such spies to spy on anyone
  • Criminal case can be registered against such detectives.

The war between Nawab Malik and Sameer Wankhede, which started with Aryan Khan’s arrest in the drugs case, has now intensified. However, Aryan got bail after 24 days on Thursday evening. At the same time, the Panch Witness of this case, Kiran Gosavi has been arrested by the Pune Police. A case of cheating on Kiran Gosavi was registered in Pune in the year 2018.

Kiran Gosavi came into the limelight when he was dragging Aryan Khan to the NCB office in the cruise ship raid case. As the ruckus escalated, Kiran Gosavi was told by the Narcotics Control Bureau as its punch witness. Kiran Gosavi describes himself as a private detective. In such a way, the way Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was spied on. How accurate is she? And was this spying done as a private detective or a witness from an agency? Also, is it legal or illegal? The team of NBT Online spoke to a retired police officer and an advocate regarding these things.

illegal to spy
When we talked to former Mumbai Police ACP Joe Gaikwad regarding Kiran Gosavi’s case, he said that this kind of espionage is an offense under the law. No investigative agency keeps such people with them. Apart from this, no agency gives them the right to spy on anyone on their own. He also said that such spies are present in large numbers in the city of Mumbai. However, none of these have a legal license. Therefore all their activities are suspicious. Most of these people are frauds.

So a case of criminal conspiracy is made out.
In this case, Senior Advocate Falguni Brahmbhatt said that first of all it should be clear in such cases whether such raid was done on a tip-off or whether this raid was planned. If it happened on red tip off then normal action can be taken. But if this raid is planned, then in such cases a case of criminal conspiracy is made. However, all these things have to be proved in court.

He said that no spy has the right to spy on anyone. Unless there is a very sensitive case and the detective has not been given this right by an investigating agency. Generally no investigative agency trusts such people. If these things are proved in court, then Gosavi can also be punished.

No detective has the right to spy on any person


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