Pune Bypoll Election 2023: Deposit of rebel Rahul Kalate, who caused Mavia’s headache, seized

Rahul Kalate Deposite : Pune Chinchwad constituency rebellious candidate after not being able to cross this number"https://marathi.abplive.com/elections/what-is-security-deposit-why-is-the-deposit-forfeited-1040119">Deposit (Election Security Deposit)  has been seized. 

Deposit of 26 candidates including Kalat

BJP’s Ashwini Jagtap won the Chinchwad Legislative Assembly by a resounding victory with 36 thousand 168 votes. Maviache‘s (Mahavikas Aghadi) victory was facilitated by the rebellious Rahul Kalat. Mavia says that it was the reason for the defeat of various sections of the NCP. However, the deposit of Kalat, which aggravated Mavia’s headache, has been confiscated. Kalat got 44 thousand 82 votes. But 47 thousand 833 votes were required to maintain the deposit. Kalate’s deposit was confiscated as he could not pass this figure. Deposits of 26 candidates including Kalat were confiscated.

According to the Election Commission, when a candidate fails to secure 1/6 percent of the total votes cast in a seat i.e. 16.66%, his deposit is forfeited. In Chinchwad, the second highest candidate Nana Kate got 99343 votes. Nana Kate got 1/6% of the total votes. Therefore, the deposit of Nana Kate will not be confiscated. Kalate needed 3751 votes to save the deposit amount.  

Deposits of 14 candidates including Abhijit Bichukale seized in Kasbayat

The deposit of BJP candidate Hemant Rasane will not be confiscated in Kasbayat. But the deposit of 14 candidates will be confiscated. It also includes Abhijeet Bichkule. Bichukle got 47 votes. 23 thousand votes are required to save the deposit. 

Names of candidates whose deposits were confiscated in Chinchwad

Prafulla Motling
Manoj Khandgale
Tushar Londhe
Satish Kambie
Ajay Londhe
Anil Sonawane
Amol Suryavanshi
Kishor Kashikar
Gopal Tantarpale
Chandrakant Mote
Javed Sheikh
Dadarao Kamble
Balaji Jagtap
Subhash Bodhe
Dr. Milindaraje Bhosle
Milind Kamble
Mohan Mhaske
Rafiq Qureshi
Raviraj Kate
Sridhar Salve
Satish Sonawane
Sudhir Jagtap
Harish More

Names of  deposit forfeited candidates in the town

Tukaram Dhpal
Baljit Singh Kochhar
Ravindra Vedpathak
Amol Tujare
Anand Dave
Pandurang Ingle
Chandrakant Mote
Santosh Chaudhary

How much is the deposit amount?

It must be understood that the deposit amount in each election is different. Deposit money for Lok Sabha and Assembly elections is mentioned in the Representatives of People’s Act, 1951 and deposit money for Presidential and Vice President elections is mentioned in the President and Vice President Election Act, 1952.

For Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, there is a different amount of deposit for general category and SC-ST category candidates. Whereas in presidential and vice presidential elections, the amount of deposit is equal for all the candidates of all categories. The deposit amount for general category candidates for assembly elections is 10 thousand rupees. Whereas SC and ST category candidates have to deposit five thousand rupees.

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