Tips for Better Sleep: Follow these simple tips to get a good night's sleep

Tips for Better Sleep: Follow these simple tips to get a good night's sleep

Tips to Sleep Better at Night : If you sleep well at night.. that day will be very active for you. It is also very good for health. Some suffer from physical and mental ailments due to lack of proper sleep. Good sleep is essential for every person. It helps in re-energizing the brain cells. Repairs the skin. Good sleep relieves chronic problems. It also plays an important role in improving the mental state.

Many neglect sleep for various tasks and needs. But if it is the same habit you will lose sleep for some days. It wears you down both physically and mentally. But make sleep a priority as part of your New Year's resolution. If you are struggling with insomnia problems then you need to follow some tips. Follow these from the new year. 

Don't think too much..

Many are trying more than ever before to improve the quality of sleep. Even if the intention is good.. you just need to know enough sleep. did you sleep well Or if you don't keep track of it… it will put unnecessary stress on you. A mistake or even a little lack of sleep can stress you out. Increases cortisol levels in the body.. causes problems. If you see that you should go to bed at this time, you may not be able to sleep. Find ways to get to sleep itself. When you arrive, do nothing else and go to sleep peacefully. 

Sound Control

Make sure that the sounds coming into your sleeping room are minimal. Setting up the autonomic sensory meridian response helps you fall asleep easily. It gives us our own response to sound. However.. it will take you to sleep somewhat soothingly and hypnotically. Gives mental relief.. Stimulates the release of oxytocin in the body, an intoxicating chemical.. Relaxes. 

Reduce stress..

The more stressed you are. .You will lose health and sleep. So it is better not to think too much about things that stress you. Also you should wear comfortable clothes while sleeping. These help you sleep without any trouble. Sometimes not being well dressed can also make you sleepy. Do small stretches before going to bed. Give preference to listening to good music or song. It stimulates serotonin.. and gives calmness. 

Relax your body as much as possible. One can hum while taking a breath to relieve stress. Otherwise the toes can be pinched. Clenching the toes and releasing them can distract the mind from negative thoughts. It gives you peace of mind. A study shows that it really works. Stress can also be relieved through other parts of the body. So you can sleep easily. 


Sleep and exercise are interrelated. These influence each other. Regular exercise keeps cortisol levels in the body under control. Working out increases melatonin production. They help in balancing your body temperature. But you can do yoga asanas like Balasana before going to bed. These will give you relief from stress. 

If you want to sleep well.. you should eat well..

Avoid alcohol and coffee near bedtime. Moreover, the more sugar and fat rich foods are reduced, the better. It increases blood sugar levels. thereby disrupting sleep. Make sure to include protein rich foods and complex carbohydrate foods like sweet potato in your diet. A healthy gut is crucial for a good night's sleep. Fiber-rich foods like greens and legumes are rich in probiotics. 

Get some sunlight.. 

If you have to work indoors all day, take a break from it. Make sure you get some sunlight. Although this may sound strange, it is crucial for a good night's sleep. Serotonin is produced by the body when it is exposed to sunlight. It makes you calm and focused. 

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