In this special ceremony in Kerala, all men are dressed as women

India is an amalgamation of diverse cultures. Certain types of festivals are celebrated only in certain regions. ‘Kantara’ Such are the festivals like Bhutakola festival, Jallikattu, Attukal Pongal and Atlatatdde which are shown in the movie. Such festivals are celebrated only in one region. For some festivals, people from anywhere must go to their own places and enjoy the festival there. Chamayavilakku festival celebrated in Kerala is like that. This festival is mainly celebrated in Kollam district. This festival is very unique and different. For this festival, men dress up like women and dress up so elegantly that no sign of being a real man is visible. From any angle, they look like women.

Recently, an officer of the Indian Railways, Anant Rupnagudi, through his social media account, Chamayavilakku  Interesting facts about the festival were shared. Acham shared a photo of a man dressed up as a woman. Ananth mentioned in his tweet that he is the man who looks the most effectively as a woman and his make-up has also won a prize. The specialty of this festival is that it is celebrated by men dressed as women. The picture above is of the first prize winner of the makeup meme’’ explained in the tweet.

A man wearing a maroon saree with a green border  The photo is very attractive. From lipstick to kohl-rimmed eyes and eye shadow in his make-up, there was no chance to say that he is a man because of the care taken in the smallest details. He looks perfectly feminine with gold ornaments, forehead bindi and open pallu.

The Devi Temple in Kottamkulakara in Kollam district in Kerala has a tradition called the Chamayavilakku festival.

This festival is celebrated by men who are dressed as women. The above picture is that of the man who won the first prize for the make up in the contest. #festival

— Ananth Rupanagudi (@Ananth_IRAS) March 27, 2023

This post has gone viral. Netizens are reacting differently. Some even commented that they couldn’t believe it. In the comments related to the same tweet, another person also shared some other things about this festival. ‘‘On the festival of Chamayavilakku, they light lamps called vilakku and offer prayers to the main deity of the place, Bhagwati Devi. It is said that the goddess appeared in a devotee’s dream and asked everyone to light lamps for her. He also shared some other details.

The photo of him who won the first prize in the makeup contest was viewed by more than one lakh people. According to their details, Kerala Tourism describes Chamayavilakku as the festival of lights. This festival is celebrated on the 10th and 11th of March during Meenam Days, one of the Malayalam months.

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