Progesterone behind feeling sometimes happy, sometimes sad… know 5 foods that can overcome its deficiency

Progesterone Deficiency: At the biological level, some hormones in women are completely different from those of men. This is because the need for these hormones is more in women than in men. Due to low progesterone level, there can be many problems in women. Progesterone Deficiency can cause problems like irregular periods, mood swings, headache, sleeplessness, weight gain, inability to conceive, miscarriage, fatigue in women. That’s why progesterone is very important for pregnant women. Many times sadness without any reason and then sudden happiness is also due to lack of progesterone. That’s why women should eat 5 foods to overcome progesterone deficiency..

5 Foods That Increase Progesterone


Banana is such a fruit, in which magnesium is found in abundance. It keeps the body healthy by producing progesterone hormone. Magnesium regulates the pituitary gland. It is very important in controlling the production of hormones.


Eating walnuts can remove progesterone deficiency in women. Due to this, the production of progesterone increases. Vitamin B6 is found in good quantity in it. This is a vitamin that increases the production of progesterone.


Almonds are an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin E. With the help of these two nutrients, progesterone hormone increases and its deficiency is removed, due to which women can avoid many diseases.


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