The effect of diabetes on sex life.. Men can have those problems

The effect of diabetes on sex life.. Men can have those problems

Diabetes has many side effects on the body. Its effect is from head to toe. Experts say that it has an effect especially on sex life. Because it affects every aspect of health. So care should be taken to avoid diabetes. If it comes, more care should be taken. 

It is caused by the lack of production of insulin, a hormone that controls glucose in the blood. Sometimes it is due to genetic and environmental factors as well. So diabetes can be avoided with better lifestyle habits. Doctors say that the same care should be taken in the case of diabetes as we pay attention to heart disease and blood pressure. In some cases, more attention is required.  

Impact on sex life..

What many people don’t know is that diabetes affects sexual health. . Yes Andy is one of the major side effects of diabetes. Since no one talks about it much.. it is ignored. But experts say that the sex life of those suffering from diabetes is affected. It leads to problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. It is also said to have an effect on women’s sexual health. Apart from this, diabetes affects many aspects of the body. 

Effect on hair and skin

High glucose levels in the body increase the risk of hair loss. Because it affects blood circulation. It affects hair follicles from functioning. Diabetes also affects the skin. Sugar levels in the body lead to changes in the skin. Spots, blisters and pimples are likely to appear. The risk of bacterial and fungal infections that lead to dry skin and acne also increases. Eye problems are more common in people with diabetes. The risk of cataracts is high. Because diabetes is one of the chronic diseases. It can also cause eye problems like diabetic macular edema and glaucoma. In some cases, there is a risk of blindness. That is why people suffering from diabetes often undergo eye operations due to various reasons. 

Oral problems

Diabetes patients are more prone to fungal and bacterial infections in the mouth. This is due to the reduced flow rate of saliva and lack of its antimicrobial effects. This causes sore throat and difficulty in eating.

Immunity is essential for overall health. But when struggling with sugar, the immune system puts extra stress on the white blood cells. This can lead to pneumonia and urinary tract infections. Problems like heart attack and kidney problems may occur. The chances of cavity disease are also high. So doctors say don’t be careless about diabetes. 

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