Israel-Hamas War: India can benefit from Israel-Hamas war, these companies can shift business

Israel-Hamas War: India can benefit from Israel-Hamas war, these companies can shift business

After the attack by Hamas on Saturday last week, a new war has started in Western Asia. After the worst attack in nearly 5 decades, Israel has declared war against Hamas. This war continues for the sixth day today and now its impact has slowly started spreading. There are fears that the war may drag on and due to this many companies may look at options to shift their operations…

These options of companies if the tension drags on

According to an ET report, many global tech companies have offices in Israel and their operations are being affected amid the latest tension. If the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas drags on, then those companies can shift their operations from Israel to India or other countries. Indian IT companies like TCS and Wipro can also shift their work to India.

Offices of more than 500 big companies

Offices of more than 500 multinational companies in Israel. Are. Big names like Intel, Microsoft and Google are also included among them. These offices of the companies are in the form of Global Capability Center and Research and Development Center, in which more than 1 lakh people work.

India and Eastern Europe benefit

ET report Quoting experts, it has been said that companies running offices in Israel can, if necessary, shift their operations to places whose time zone is equivalent to that of Israel. He says that apart from India, companies can also consider other West Asian countries or Eastern European countries. According to experts, if the matter drags on, companies will look at alternative locations to limit the impact on their operations, which could especially benefit India and Eastern Europe.

Thousands of people killed, Millions displaced

Hamas attacked Israel on Saturday morning. More than 1000 Israeli people have been killed in the attack and many are missing. Israel has taken a tough stance on Hamas’ attack and has declared a total war. After that Israel is continuously retaliating, thousands of people have been killed in that too. The United Nations says that millions of people have become victims of displacement due to the ongoing war between the two sides. At the same time, IMF and World Bank have expressed the fear that global economic progress will be affected due to this new war that has started in Western Asia.

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