Giving a smartphone in the hands of your little ones, then read this news …!

New York: Smart Phones & nbsp; Its use has increased tremendously since its arrival. Mobile addiction is a problem for many, from young to old. It seems that children are involved in mobile for a long time nowadays. When children often stutter or cry loudly, their parents take out their smartphones, hand them over and silence them. Nowadays we often see this scene. But it is not right to do so. This is according to a research.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued guidelines in this regard. Accordingly, excessive use of digital media can impair children’s sleep, development and physical health. Researchers say parents should avoid giving smartphones or digital devices to their children.

Casey of the University of Michigan in the United States. S. According to Jenny Radesky, lead author of Mot Pediatric Hospital, using such devices can reduce a child’s tolerance.

Mobile addiction is on the rise among children. It is also coming to light that children are moving away from outdoor games due to mobiles. Instead of playing outdoor games, children seem to be busy watching games and videos on their mobile phones for hours. Experts also say that it is harmful to the development of children. Nowadays, due to online education, mobile phones have to be given to children. But your kids need to be given a mobile phone only when they need it. & Nbsp;

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