Sugar Free Gulab Kheer : Tasty Tasty Gulab Kheer.. This is a completely sugar free recipe.

Sugar Free Gulab Kheer : Tasty Tasty Gulab Kheer.. This is a completely sugar free recipe.

Sugar Free Gulab Kheer Recipe : New Year is around the corner. Sankranti is also present. At this time, they are preparing pastries.. tasty tasty kheers. But diabetics have to do the festival without sweets. Sugar patients make any sweet festival bitter. But if someone in your house is having trouble with sugar.. If you want to give them a sweet festival then prepare this tasty tasty Sugar Free Gulab Kheer. You can make it at home. And how to make it? Now let's know the things like what are the required ingredients. 


Rice – 2 Tablespoons

Milk – One and a half liter ( full cream)

Sugar free powder – as per taste

Nuts – 2 tbsp Taragali

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Dried Rose petals – 2 tbsp

Fresh rose petals – few (for garnish)


Wash the rice well and set aside. Soak for an hour. Now light the stove and keep the kadai on it.. put the milk in it and boil it. While the milk is boiling, add the rice and let it cook. After half of the rice is cooked, add chopped nuts, dried rose petals and cardamom powder and mix well. After the rice is fully cooked.. the rice kheer will also get the desired consistency. 

When the kheer is thick stop the stove.. add sugar free powder to it and mix well. Mix carefully so that it meets completely. That's it, hot gulab kheer is ready. Now take it in bowls and garnish them with fresh rose petals. When it comes to room temperature.. if you put it in the fridge and eat it, the taste will be very good. When you try this kheer recipe, you will be able to fully enjoy the taste if you eat it cold rather than hot. 

This tasty recipe is not just for diabetics. Anyone can eat it happily. Even those who stay away from sweets while dieting can pull it comfortably. Especially diabetics can enjoy kheer without any problems. No matter how many functions and birthdays are held… sugar patients have to stay away from sweets. The real festival is when sweets are eaten. At such time they look for alternatives. Otherwise, no matter how many cravings they have, they stop eating silently. Make this sugar free Gulabi Kheer and feed it to those of you who are having trouble in your home too. Give them festival vibes too. 

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