The world's largest tech giant, which first sold flour, noodles and did insurance

The world's largest tech giant, which first sold flour, noodles and did insurance

Many times in life we ​​think something else and something else happens. Something similar happened with the world's largest tech giant Samsung. Very few people would know that the foundation of this company was first laid on the basis of a general store, in which flour, sugar and noodles were sold. But at that time no one knew that in the future it would become such a big tech giant, whose faltering would shake the economy of any country. 

The foundation was laid in the form of a general store in 1938< /h3>

Samsung company's mobiles, TVs and home appliances are used all over the world. If we look at its history, the foundation of the company was laid in the year 1938 by Byung Chul of South Korea. It started as a shop, which was a general store. Things like noodles, flour, sugar, fish etc. were started selling there. After that they started being exported to many countries. After expanding the grocery business, Byung Chul also tried his hand in insurance and textile in 1950. After doing it for about 10 years, he did not like this business. 

The company's first phone was named SGH-100 

Byung Chul, sensing the future, Entered the field of technology in the year 1969. At the same time the company got the name of Samsung Electronics. The company had entered the world of electronics at that time by making black and white TVs. Samsung started manufacturing mobile phones in the year 1980. The first mobile phone was named SGH-100. This started taking the company to new heights. Byung Chul did not stop his steps here. Apart from this, he also started expanding the company into making memory cards and computer parts. 

Mobile phones worth crores of rupees were set on fire

Regarding Byung Chul. One story is very popular. Once the company launched a new mobile, it did not get good reviews from the users. His complaint was that the phone was not working properly. After this, the founder of the company set fire to lakhs of mobile phones lying in the inventory, which were worth crores of rupees. He immediately gave instructions to improve the phone. After the death of Byung Chul, his son Lee Kun is taking charge of the company. Samsung took steps to expand the company decade after decade. Now the company works in many sectors, which include semiconductors, real estate, hotels, weapons, even fighter jets. 

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