Spirituality: What happens if you dine back to the west-south … Are there rules for eating too ..!

Man learned the value of food after learning words and becoming wise and prudent. & nbsp; After realizing that food is the most important of all the basic needs, devotion naturally increases. There is no happiness for the unhappy. He who does not take food properly has no desires’ says the Bhagavad Gita. That is why it is said to follow certain rules while eating rice which is considered as a form of Parabrahma.

  • Do not eat food that has been touched by crows, dog, or cow
  • Do not eat yoghurt rice after eating the rule
  • Do not eat with legs crossed and sandals
  • The left hand should not be used for eating. Do not eat stored, chilled food. 2 times a day, forty days after forty, once a month after forty is healthy

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