Saggubiyyam Payasam : Saggubiyyam Payasam is ready in a pinch.

Saggubiyyam Payasam : Saggubiyyam Payasam is ready in a pinch.

Traditional Food Recipe : Payasam is prepared by everyone, do you think there is something new in this recipe? But this recipe is a bit special. It doesn't matter if you store it for ten days. This is a tasty payasam recipe that you can heat the milk whenever you want. Even if you make it during festivals, you can easily pull this payas for ten days even after the festivals. You can try this recipe and send it to the children who go to the villages. They eat it whenever they like. And how to make tasty payasam? What are the required ingredients? Let's find out things like now.  


Stuffing – 3/4 cup

Sams – one and a half cups

Cashews -20

Milk – 1 liter

Water – Sufficient

Cardamoms – 4

Raisins – 10

Ghee – 2 spoons

Panchadara – 2 cups

Preparation method

First wash the stuffing and soak it for an hour. If the stuffing is soaked, the payasam is good if the stuffing is so soaked that it breaks apart when pressed with the hand. Now mash the cardamoms well. Some just pound them once and add them to the payasam. If we do that, they will get in the way while we are eating the payasam and disturb the taste. So if you dry the cardamom well the taste will increase. Plus there is no obstacle to the taste. 

Now light the stove and boil the milk till it boils and keep it aside. Now take another thick bowl. Light the stove and put a bowl on it and add ghee. Add cashews and fry it. After they are slightly browned, add raisins and fry. Now put the seeds in it. Note that the semaya should be fried till it turns red in color. Don't completely change that. Make sure the flame is medium. Stay near the stove while the steam is heating. Here and there, the semaya will change completely.

If you put jaggery like this..

After the samya turns red in color, add the soaked stuffing in it and mix well. Now pour water till the seeds and stuffing are submerged. Add crushed cardamom powder in it. Then turn it well. There is no special measure of water for Payasa. The calculation is that the semaya and stuffing should be boiled with the water poured. After the stuffing is cooked, add two cups of sugar and stir well. You can also use jaggery instead of sugar. If jaggery is used then take two cups but do not mix it directly. Dissolve the jaggery and filter it. Add the mixture to this mixture. Cook until sugar dissolves. The taste should be slightly sweet. Because milk has to be mixed in it.

After the sugar dissolves completely, let this mixture cool down. Then pour milk in it and stir well. Then the sugar in the pudding will be equal. Hot tasty payasam is ready in no time. It can be eaten hot or chilled. Here's what you need to recognize. You can store the mixture in the fridge until the sugar dissolves. You can take it out whenever you like, pour hot milk and enjoy it comfortably. This mixture can be stored for ten days. Can be dragged whenever you like. 

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