Omicron symptoms: Kovid-19 new variant ‘Omicron’ .. Is it more dangerous than Delta? What are the symptoms?

Ka rona virus (Kovid-19) .. not leaving the world right now. Although it transforms over time and becomes more deadly .. it is not completely destroyed. It is well known how much the Kovid Delta variant has plagued India recently. Many lives have been lost due to this terrible virus. Others came to greet death. The news that another new variant is ready to attack people as if this were not enough is once again troubling the world. The new variant is called Omicron.

The first case of a new Corona virus variant was reported in South Africa. Cases have also been reported in Hong Kong and Belgium. The World Health Organization (WHO) has alerted all countries. That said, it is very dangerous. The researchers found evidence indicating a malignant change in Kovid-19 epidemiology. This variant, B.1.1.529, was named Omricon.

This variant was found to contain approximately 30 mutations in the Kovid-19 spike protein. Realized that it spreads very easily. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. People who have not been vaccinated so far say it is very dangerous. People who have been vaccinated with two doses of the virus can also be infected. Advised to be vigilant from. Especially if you’ve been taking two doses for about two to three, four months .. beware of this virus.

It’s very fast: Doctors say more than 30 .. This variant with more mutations spreads very fast to others. Patients who have recovered from Kovid-19 are also more likely to get re-infection. Due to these mutations, the virus can easily penetrate into the cells of the body. This is much more dangerous than the other variants. If you want to protect yourself from this variant .. be sure to wear masks in public places. Adherence to social distance and use of sanitizer is mandatory. Especially the elderly must be vaccinated and stay at home. Booster dose takers are much safer. However, doctors say that there is a difference in the severity and extent of the disease. Symptoms may include fever, persistent cough, and loss of taste and smell. If there are up to 50 mutations in this gene .. there are 30 spike proteins in them. The Delta variant spread across India has 13 mutations. With more than 30 mutations in the background one can understand how scary this new variant is going to be. This is in contrast to the Delta and Alpha Kovid species. The researchers said that this was 500 times more than the Delta variant. Over and over people are also turning bold without taking any precautions. With the increase in traffic from abroad, it should come as no surprise that the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 has already entered India. So .. it is important that we know fully about it in advance. Fatigue, sore throat, headache, diarrhea (excessive urination), skin rash, discoloration of fingers or toes, irritability, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, confusion, chest pain are the new variant symptoms. The omicron variant can also be detected only by RT-PCR testing. & nbsp;
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Be vigilant: No cases have been reported in India for this variant. However, it is known that the people of those countries came to India. New variant cases have also been identified in Zimbabwe, Belgium, Botswana, Israel and Hong Kong. South Africa has already reported 2465 cases in 24 hours. So .. Kovid & zwnj; Do not wait until you get home. From today onwards wearing masks properly .. keep some distance from sick people. & Nbsp;


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