Pani Puri Health Benefits: Does pani puri cause diseases? No, see how many benefits there are

Pani Puri Health Benefits: Does pani puri cause diseases?  No, see how many benefits there are

Pani Puri Health Benefits: If we call Pani Puri.. In North India it is called Gol Gappa. It is very famous street food in our country. Many of those who go out in the evening come home to eat Panipuri. The taste is also superb. That's why fans of Panipuri are huge. Panipuri eaten with boiled potatoes and mint water is mouthwatering. Pani Puri should be eaten no matter the season. That is why Panipuri is so popular. But panipuri is not just a street food.. it is also a medicine that gives health. It can be said to be one of the best diet foods. Especially if you are suffering from excess weight. If all Adenti are saying panipuri is not healthy.. you are saying very healthy. Because.. Diseases caused by Panipuri depend on the cleanliness of unhygienic places, water mixed with it, and the merchant who prepares it. So, as much as possible, buy small puris outside and make the juice at home and enjoy panipuri. And, let's see what are the benefits of Panipuri.

Good for Diabetic Patients:

Many people are suffering from diabetes these days irrespective of age. High blood sugar levels have become a common problem worldwide. There are many people suffering from diabetes. Although there is no medicine for sugar, it can be controlled through diet. You can take precautionary measures to control your blood sugar levels. You should also avoid sweet foods and high calorie foods. Panipuri is a low calorie food. It can also be eaten with sweet chutney. A diabetic patient can fully enjoy this snack without much worry. But it is important to eat little rather than overeating. It is very good to be careful about the food you eat. 

Vitamins, Minerals:

Panipuri provides you with essential nutrients in a simple way. Poonipuri is rich in iron. Many women around the world suffer from iron deficiency. Panipuri contains magnesium, manganese, potassium, folate, zinc, vitamins A, B-6, B-12, C, D. All this comes from the ingredients added to the juice used for panipuri.

Check for mouth blisters:

Many  reports that panipuri can cure your mouth blisters. This is possible due to the presence of cumin and mint which can treat mouth ulcers. Their pungent flavor is great for such mouth problems. 

Cures Acidity:

People suffering from acidity can get relief from panipuri. Jalgira water contains many other elements. It affects the acidity. Panipuri can be eaten to get rid of acidity. It contains mint, green mango, black salt, black pepper, cumin and salt. These cure acidity. 

Mood refresher:

Panipuri improves your mood whether it is summer or winter. However, panipuris are mostly eaten in summer. When the temperature feels like it's dehydrating you and making you need to drink more water. Replacing regular water with Panipuri water will leave you feeling a little energized and refreshed. 

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