Diwali 2021: Money will rain on Diwali, there will be no tension, do these measures on this day

Diwali 2021, Diwali 2021 Date In India Calendar: The measures to be taken on Diwali remove the lack of money in life. Some things should also be taken care of on this day, otherwise Lakshmi ji gets angry.

Do not do this work on Diwali
Some things should be taken care of on the day of Diwali. Try to avoid all kinds of evil on this day. On this day, Lakshmi ji is annoyed by doing any kind of wrong work. Some people do things like intoxication and gambling etc. on this day. These works should not be done even by forgetting on this day. All these activities increase the influence of Rahu. Rahu is considered a sin planet in astrology. By doing these things, the effect of Rahu increases. Rahu is also the cause of wrong deeds, intoxication, bad company, stress, discord, unnecessary disputes and deceit etc. Therefore, do not let the influence of Rahu increase on this day. Rahu can also cause sudden loss on this day in terms of money.

Keep these things in mind on Diwali
On Diwali, auspicious work should be done. On this day, getting up early in the morning, first of all, touch the ground with your hands. While remembering Lakshmi ji, one should remember the ancestors and seek their blessings. On Diwali, the day should be started with some auspicious work. Donations etc. should also be given to the needy people on this day. This pleases Lakshmi ji. Green fodder should be fed to the cow on this day. Gifts should be given to little girls. Peepal and Amla tree should be worshipped. Diwali ji is pleased by taking care of these things and taking measures.

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