Paneer in America: Our Native Paneer Americans Loved the Tribe … Popular Recipe There Right Now, Saying Data

As unpopular burgers and pizzas have grown in popularity in our country, so has paneer, our home-cooked dish for Americans. Fida for its flavor is incorporated into their menu. The Economic Research Survey was conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Examining those data it is found that paneer consumption has increased abruptly in the last while. Also last year in Google search in America & lsquo; Indian Restaurants Near Me & rsquo; The search increased by 350 percent. & nbsp; Paneer consumption increased by 140%. & nbsp; Although paneer has existed since the 15th century, it still occupies the American menu. Paneer is a complete vegetarian dish that is loved by all vegetarians in America. & Nbsp;

Why do you like it?
Paneer is high in protein and fat. Most people in America follow the Keto Diet. The importance of protein foods in the diet. That’s why everyone who follows that diet starts eating paneer. It is a dairy product rather than so the value is high. & lsquo; Indian cuisine is gaining popularity in our country. Paneer sales in particular have increased. Many Americans love to learn and make paneer recipes at home & rsquo; Explained Joey Wells, an ongoing employee in the food market. It is also said that people began to learn how to make paneer and turn it into a livelihood. & Nbsp;

US & zwnj; Chefs in restaurants are also learning to cook paneer dishes. Paneer dishes are now available in most restaurants in America. Expatriate Indians are cashing in on the growing craze for paneer. Jasleen and Tarush Agarwal from India quit their software jobs and started making more paneer. It is said that only the milk of cows fed with organic grass is used for making their paneer. Not many people are selling dishes made with paneer. The most important of them is the paneer tikka roll. It has a great craze in America. & Nbsp;

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