Petrol-Diesel Price 27 November 2021: Slight relief for motorists .. Stable petrol and diesel prices .. Rise there!

The central government has recently made a slight dent in fuel prices. Some states have even partially cracked down on fuel prices for motorists. With the Centre’s announcement, even the BJP-ruled states have slashed petrol and diesel prices to some extent. The AP and Telangana governments, however, are saying how it is possible to reduce prices when they do not raise them. Petrol price in the national capital today was Rs. Is stable at 103.97. Diesel price has also remained stable at Rs 86.67 per liter for the past few days. Petrol price in Bhagwannagar has remained stable for the last two weeks. Diesel price also remained stable at Rs 94.62 per liter. Prices have been stable in Hyderabad for the past few days. In Warangal, petrol price was hiked by Rs 0.19 paise to Rs 107.88. Diesel price also rose by Rs 0.17 paise to Rs 94.31 per liter. Petrol price in Warangal rural district is Rs. In Karimnagar, the price of petrol was Rs 108.55 per liter, while diesel price was Rs 94.94 per liter, an increase of 15 paise. In Nizamabad, fuel prices rose slightly. Petrol price has been hiked by Rs 0.24 paise per liter. With this, it reached Rs 110.21. Diesel price rose by Rs 0.22 paise to Rs 96.54 per liter. Fuel prices have fluctuated heavily over the past few days.
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