Kitchen Hacks: Want to eat something healthy for breakfast? Try Paneer Balls, Learn Recipe

Paneer Balls Recipe:  Sometimes we feel like eating something spicy and different in breakfast. Feeding a healthy dish to children is no less than a challenge. In such a situation, you are looking for similar options for children. From which you get nutrition along with taste. In this case you can try paneer balls. These paneer balls are tasty as well as healthy. This dish is prepared very quickly.

Materials for making Cheese Balls-

200 grams paneer, quarter cup cracked capsicum, half cup rice flour, quarter cup chopped onion, half teaspoon chili flakes, half teaspoon oregano, one teaspoon lemon juice, salt oil.

How to make Paneer Balls-

To make paneer balls, first grate the paneer. After this add finely chopped capsicum, green chili, and finely chopped or grated onion. Now add oregano and chili flakes to it. Along with this, add lemon juice to make it spicy and mix it well. Now add rice flour and salt according to your taste. After this make small balls from this mixture. Now heat oil in a pan and fry these balls.

Keep in mind that keeping the flame medium of the gas, fry the balls. At the same time, to make these balls more fun, mix a little gram flour or semolina in it. After this you can also add chaat masala to it. At the same time, to garnish these balls, you can grate cheese on the balls. In this way your paneer balls are ready. You can eat it with chutney and tea.

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