Kitchen Hacks: Follow these tips to fry food, the food will become more tasty

Cooking Tips: Fry foods are considered injurious to health. That’s why most people abstain from eating fry foods. But still, from the point of view of taste, eating fry is very much liked. On the other hand, if you fry some things in this way, then their taste increases. In such a situation, here we will tell you some tips which you can also adopt. By doing this your dish will be tasty and healthy. Let’s know.

follow these tips to fry food-

  • Before frying anything, heat the oil well. By doing this, the smell of crude oil will not come in the food and your food will also taste delicious.
  • Before frying, put a small piece of that thing in the oil and check how hot the oil is.
  • If coconut is to be used in spices, then do not roast the coconut for a long time because if the coconut is over-roasted, its taste ends and coconut oil comes in the spice.
  • When the oil starts giving smoke when the oil is hot, slow down the gas and leave the vegetables in the oil. If you do not do this, oil can also come on you.
  • Sprinkle a little salt in the frying pan before frying the meat. This will prevent the meat from sticking to the pan.
  • Add some salt while heating it to reduce the smell of mustard oil.
  • Only when the oil is completely hot. Fry anything. This will also fry the food well.
  • Do not put all the things together and put them step by step. Vegetables and spices are fried well with this.

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