MS Dhoni Fitness Secrets: These are Dhoni's fitness secrets.

MS Dhoni Fitness Secrets: These are Dhoni's fitness secrets.

MS Dhoni Fitness at the age of 42 : Even if CSK loses, no fan is sad because of MS Dhoni's game. He gave a good eye feast to the fans who have been waiting to see Dhoni bat for a long time.  He made the stadium shake with four fours and three sixes. Although he has some doubts about his fitness, he promised to play the next IPL for the sake of the fans and kept his promise. Even after playing two matches after the start of IPL (IPL 2024), there was no sight of Dhoni batting. But every fan got emotional when they were lucky enough to see vintage Dhoni in the match held in Vizag. 

Dhoni Fitness Secrets

All Cricketers They are fit, right? What is special about Dhoni? Dhoni is showing his batting power even in his 40s as a wicket keeper. While keeping, the squat position should be held for a few hours. Not as easy as it looks. Especially if you see the sixes he hit with a single hand in yesterday's match, you can understand the level of Dhoni's fitness. What kind of food does Dhoni take for this range of fitness? What kind of work out does he do? Let us take a look at what kind of routine he follows.

Home food is the first priority.. 

Dhoni prefers to eat home food. He eats nutritious meals without eating too much carbs and fat. He eats a balanced diet. Instead of just following a routine diet.. while staying healthy.. he changes his eating habits. When Dhoni started playing cricket, he used to eat a lot of butter chicken, naan, milkshakes and chocolates. But gradually reducing their consumption, Dhoni said on one occasion that he focused on eating healthy food. . In any case, Dhoni eats the cake and shows his love for it. But that too is limited. If we talk about Dhoni's diet, it should definitely include milk. Because Dhoni likes milk a lot. Some avoid milk in the name of fitness. But Dhoni is different. Apart from this, he drinks energy drinks, protein shakes and water to stay hydrated. Hydration helps in staying active longer. 

Not just a gym person..

Those who envy Dhoni's physique at 42.. There are many admirers. This is not the fitness achieved by going to the gym. Dhoni had previously made a comment about going to the gym and doing exercises. He said that he is not a gym person.. Training for the game will help him a lot. Exercising regularly, stamina and footwork strengthening exercises keep him fit. Not only cricket, Dhoni also plays football and golf. It is these habits that still help him to stay fit.

Mind should be calm..

Apart from good food and exercise.. Dhoni keeps his mind He keeps it very calm. This quality has made him close to his fans. In any situation, without losing his coolness, he makes sure to remain calm. He makes sure that he sleeps for 7 to 8 hours at night. Moreover, Dhoni is very far away from social media. He revealed the biggest secret that this keeps his mind from going towards negative thoughts. Dhoni says fitness is not only about food, exercise and games.. one should also be mentally healthy and fit. 

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