Monsoon Cravings: Craving hot samosas and pakodis during monsoons? This is the reason!

Monsoon Cravings: Craving hot samosas and pakodis during monsoons?  This is the reason!

Cold weather.. If it is raining on one side, it is super hot on the other side eating pakodi or samosa. It is a favorite food of many people during the rainy season. Crispy street delights, gravitate towards a plate of spicy chutney. It makes you want to eat spicy food. Vadalu, Mirchi Bhajji, Samosa, Indo-Chinese dishes and crunchy foods are in good demand in this season. Their smell draws us to them. But have you ever wondered why you feel like eating this kind of food only during monsoons? Many people think that it is only an enjoyment. But there is a reason to crave spicy food during monsoons. Lack of sunlight during monsoons affects the body’s hormones that cause happiness. Nutritionist says that the mind craves for foods that increase the production of these hormones.

Hence the desire to eat deep fried food..

The levels of serotonin, the hormone that makes us happy, decrease during monsoons. The reason for that is the lack of proper sunlight. It also affects the production of vitamin D in the body. The body craves carbohydrates to compensate for this deficiency. If you eat deep fried snacks with carbohydrates, your mouth will taste crunchy. If you eat these, you will feel comfortable. It is said that there is a science behind the craving for spicy food.

Chili peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. It triggers the nerves in the mouth to make us want to eat something hot. The brain makes us sweat when we eat them. Releases dopamine into the bloodstream, which causes pleasure. Deep-fried food is full of calories. Consuming too much of these foods can lead to weight gain, cholesterol levels and damage to health. We need to choose healthy ways to satisfy our taste buds and increase happy hormones.

These are healthy and delicious when eaten

⦿ Roasted plant sorghum cobs with butter, spiced with lemon juice is wonderful when eaten.

⦿ Sprouts salad, vegetable salad or corn salad can be made as a snack by adding different types of vegetables and spices.

⦿ Loo chaat, aloo dahi chaat or roasted aloo chaat is a healthy, tasty option

⦿ Sandwich pakodas made with fresh vegetables

⦿ Roastin papad with chopped vegetables, mint chutney combination super

⦿ Murmura bhel with vegetables or a bowl of popcorn is a good alternative to satisfy unhealthy chips packet cravings

Note: Many studies, The information gathered from the research is presented here as usual. It is not a substitute for medical professional advice. Be sure to include this food in your diet only after consulting a doctor or a nutritionist. This information is just for your understanding.

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