Dosa and Vada with Saggubiyyam : Instant vadas with stuffing, dosas.. two recipes with one batter

Dosa and Vada with Saggubiyyam : Instant vadas with stuffing, dosas.. two recipes with one batter

Tasty Breakfasts with Saggubiyyam : Saggubiyyam is used by many for sweets.. or for soup. But we can also make South Indian breakfasts with them. Moreover, the ingredients made from them are also very good for health. Believe it or not, you can make stuffed dosas when you're short on time? Also, did you know that you can use this same batter to make fritters too? This flour will be the perfect choice for those who ask for different tiffins in your home. Because apart from the taste, it also helps you save time. And how can you prepare these instant fritters and doshas? Now let's know what are the required ingredients for them. 

Ingredients required

Stuffing – 1 cup

Rice – 1 cup

Salt – enough to taste 

Oil – enough for frying the fritters, doshas

Preparation method

Add the stuffing to the mixer and make a dough. Add the rice to the mixer and make a dough. Dry the pulp and mix it in a bowl. Add curd and water to it and let it soak for two hours. But this same dough can be prepared in other ways. Soak the stuffing for two hours. The rice should also be soaked for two hours. 

Now take the mixer and grind the rice and stuffing separately. This is because the stuffing has a chance to be completely and finely ground. Take the batter prepared like this in a mixing bowl. Do not use too much water while grinding them. Using less water..make sure that the dough is a bit stiff. Because the curd also has to be added, there is a risk of the dough becoming too slippery. Stir the rice and stuffing batter to mix well. 

Add curd to the batter prepared like this. Sour yogurt is even better. Also it does not need to be fermented overnight like normal dosa batter. You only need two hours to soak the flour. After adding curd to the flour and mixing it well, add finely chopped ginger pieces, green chilli pieces, coriander leaves and curry leaves. You can also add onions in it. If onions are added, the taste will be different. Vadas are tasty whether they are fried or not.

Now light the stove and place a pan on it, add enough oil for deep frying and fry the batter in it like fritters. After frying one side, fry the other side as well. That's all the stuffed fritters are ready. But you can add a little more water in it and make stuffed doshas. After putting curd.. pour water to reduce the doshas.. then you can make doshas with this same flour. These types of doshas take a bit more time to cook, so be patient. But the taste of these seems worth the patience. Both these dishes you can easily pull off with ginger chutney. Or you can make your favorite chutney. 

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