Relationship Tips: Malaika Arora likes Arjun Kapoor because of this, does your partner also have these qualities

Best Qualities In A Lover: By the way, no quality is seen to love or fall in love with someone. Your heart can fall on anyone at any time, but still there are some boys who impress every girl. Actually, girls always attract some special things in a boy. Girls like a little rough and bold boys. Girls are most attracted towards boys whose style is romantic.

Now take Bollywood actress Malaika Arora only. Recently, in MTV’s reality show Supermodel Of The Year Season 2, Malaika Arora was asked by her co-host Milind Soman what 3 things attract her to men the most. To this, Malaika replied very bluntly, saying, ‘I really like a guy who is a little rough around the edge. I don’t like chickapoo boys at all. I also like guys who flirt. Who can kiss well.’

How girls like boys-

Most girls like funny and cheerful boys. Girls are more attracted towards those who know how to make good and loving things. People like people with happy nature. Girls also want such a partner with whom they laugh and smile. Be the guy who knows how to put a smile on your face. 

Boys’ Confidence-

Girls like boys who have confidence. If you have a good sense of humour, then you must have dominated among girls. Intelligent boys also like girls. Apart from this, girls are attracted to boys who are easily mingled with others. 

Romantic men like-

Like Malaika Arora, most girls like romantic boys. Every girl wants her partner to be very romantic, spend time with the one who talks lovingly. Boys who understand the feeling of girls are very much liked. Girls are most attracted to such a man who praises his partner on talk.

Take care of yourself too-

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