Holi Special Sweet Recipe : These three are enough for Holi.. you can make a tasty sweet

Holi Special Sweet Recipe : These three are enough for Holi.. you can make a tasty sweet

Fudge Recipe with Three Ingredients : Play with colors during Holi. They also share sweets with relatives. In some cases there is no time to go home due to various reasons. But will definitely miss them at home.. the sweets they make. Call them at home and make a wish. Enjoy an easy three-ingredient sweet. So what is Ausweet.. Now let's know how to make it. 

Fudge. It is a healthy dessert. If you have sweet cravings and want to eat something healthy, you can definitely include this fudge in your diet. Moreover, this fudge also gives you good benefits in weight loss. It is not difficult to do this. We can make a tasty and healthy sweet with just three ingredients. So what are the ingredients for this? Now let's learn how to make this sweet. 


Almonds – 1 cup

Dates – 1 cup

Dark chocolate – 1

Cocoa powder – 1 tsp (optional)


First o 5 Remove the almonds and keep aside. Now light the stove and dry roast the almonds. Once they are cooked well turn off the stove and let them cool down. Once the roasted almonds are completely cooled, take them in a mixing jar or blender and blend them. Now remove the seeds from the dates and add those pieces to the blender and mix well. Take this mixture in a mixing bowl. Now melt the dark chocolate.

Take hot water in a bowl.. put dark chocolate in another small bowl.. place it without submerging it in hot water. Chocolate melts slowly. Add the melted dark chocolate mixture to the previously prepared almond mix and mix well. In this, cut the almonds taken earlier and add them and mix well again. Place it in a glass bowl. Place a cover before putting this mixture in the bowl. Because the mixture inside can be taken out easily without sticking to the bowl. It should be covered above. You can also add hazelnuts in place of almonds. Or both can be worn together. Now keep this mixture in the refrigerator until it sets. If you keep it like that for a couple of hours.. the fudge will be well made. You can take it out and cut it into a square shape. You can also sprinkle cocoa powder on it. Just like a tasty and healthy fudge is ready. 

Bachelors can also prepare this sweet very simply during Holi. Those staying with the family can also make this sweet and eat it on Intillipadi. It's not just taste.. it provides good health benefits. Diabetics can also satisfy their sweet cravings with this sweet. For those who want to lose weight.. For those who follow a strict diet, this sweet gives a good festive vibe. Why are you late? Make this sweet and eat it. Feed those who like. 

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