Health Tips for Children : Protect children's health in winters.. These are the tips of experts

Health Tips for Children : Protect children's health in winters.. These are the tips of experts

Winter Care for Kids : What is the matter of winter.. but the cold is booming day by day. Many problems like cold and flu attack during this time. Elderly people and children are affected first. Adults take care anyway but children should be taken care of by adults. Care should be taken to prevent them from getting affected by cold winds and health problems. But experts say that these problems can be checked by increasing immunity in children with some strategies. So what are those strategies? Now let's find out what effect they have on children. 

Keep active..

In winters children are lazy as well as adults. Being like this reduces physical activity. It makes them less immune. Children are dull. Seasonal diseases may occur. So you need to plan to keep them active. Indoor sports, yoga and dance can be done. This makes them active and energetic. Along with physical activity.. making sure that they get enough sleep is very good for their health. 

Put on sweaters..

You should put sweaters on your kids to protect them from cold winds. . Head cap, full head caps or hoodies can be worn. It helps in maintaining the baby's body temperature. Moreover, cold winds do not affect them much. Hand gloves and shoes can be put on while going out. These protect them from cold and seasonal diseases. Moisturizers and lip balms should be applied for skin care. 

Make sure to stay clean..

The first way to prevent infections is to stay clean. So teach children to wash their hands regularly. Encourage them to wash their hands immediately if they feel dirty. This helps them stay healthy. Make sure to wash your hands especially before meals, after using the washroom, after playing in public places. Encourage disposal of washed clothes. 

Provide good nutrition..

Balanced diet is necessary to boost immunity in children. Nutrition plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system. Also, make sure that the children are hydrated. Make sure their diet includes nuts and beans. Give fruits, vegetables and whole grains rich in vitamin C along with zinc. Giving protein-rich foods also improves immunity in children. But be sure to consult nutritionists and pediatricians before giving such food to children. 

Be alert..

No matter how many precautions are taken.. sometimes Children are affected by problems like fever and cough. Be alert when you notice such signs. A doctor should be consulted as soon as the problem is detected. This prevents their health from deteriorating further. Don't neglect your child's vaccinations. They protect children from infections. Reduces symptoms and severity of diseases. 

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