These 2 mistakes should not be there in the resume, you can lose the job.

These 2 mistakes should not be there in the resume, you can lose the job.

If you are thinking of applying for a job, first of all you have to send your resume to the HR department. These days, youth prepare resumes and apply for jobs without thinking. Once the resume is prepared, they do not consider it necessary to read it again, which has a direct impact on their job. Today we will tell you about two common mistakes in resume, which are often made by youth applying for jobs. Seeing this, the person taking the interview understands that the candidate has not made any preparation before applying. Let us know in detail.

1- Resume should not be long.

Any company needs a good employee for the job, not a book editor. Therefore, write those things in the resume which are important. Many times candidates put more details in the resume than required, which is not necessary. Candidates are advised to fill only the information relevant to the post. Experts advise that your resume should not be more than 2 pages long.

2- Resume should not be excessively stylish.

Your resume should be such that whoever reads it can understand your typed details and there should be no problem in reading it. At the same time, why do candidates applying for jobs think that by making their resume stylish they will get the job? At the same time, interviewers do not take interest in resumes made with different types of fonts, styles and bullet points. Therefore, it is advisable that while making a resume, choose a font which is easy to read. An overly stylish resume becomes difficult to read and doesn't look good.

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