Health Care Tips: Eggs are good for the body, but overeating is bad; ‘This’ problem will arise

Health Care Tips: Eggs contain many nutrients. Eggs contain protein, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. People eat boiled eggs before or after a workout. Some people like to eat egg curry, omelette, bhurji and egg masala. But eating too many eggs can have a bad effect on your body. Learn more about the dangers of eating more eggs. & Nbsp;

Eating 3 eggs a day reduces many health problems. Eating yellow chillies with eggs helps you lose weight. Iron levels in the blood can lead to headaches, weakness and other ailments. Eating eggs cures these diseases. Eggs are high in iron, calcium and protein. Eating eggs regularly strengthens bones. & nbsp; Eating eggs lowers blood cholesterol. But if you eat too many eggs, it will affect your digestion & nbsp; Happens. So if you eat too many eggs, you may get diarrhea. Problems like bloating, heartburn, etc. can be caused by eating too many eggs. So you can eat 3 eggs a day, one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. & Nbsp;

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According to a report, an egg has three parts. Egg shell, egg yolk and egg white. White matter contains only protein, while yellow mayonnaise is made up of protein, cholesterol and fats.

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