Skin Care Tips for Winter: In winter, when the skin is dry, take care; Follow these simple tips

Skin Care Tips for Winter: In winter (Winter Season) & nbsp; skin needs special care. Normal skin, dry skin and sensitive skin are & nbsp; There are three types of skin. If you use products that contain chemicals in the cold, you will experience skin rashes and dry skin. & Nbsp; Follow these simple skin care tips in winter. & Nbsp;

Reduce the use of soap & nbsp;
Cold reduces the natural oils in the skin. This makes the skin dry. Soap removes natural oils from the skin. So use soap while bathing. Also after bathing in the cold & nbsp; Use lotion or body oil. & Nbsp;
& nbsp;
Do not use alcohol based toner
Using alcohol based toner in cold causes rashes on skin. . Use rose water and & nbsp; glycerin toner instead. Also mix rose water in sandalwood powder and apply on face. & Nbsp;
& nbsp;
Avoid using face mask
Apply face mask in winter & nbsp; The skin can become dry and lifeless. So avoid using a face mask. Instead you can use Multani soil & nbsp; Or you can use a gram flour pack. Soaking multani soil in water and applying the mixture on the face will cleanse your skin. Mixing turmeric and rose water on the face also gives glow to the face. & Nbsp;

Note: All of the above remedies are home made and ABP does not claim any of these. Therefore, it is advisable to use this remedy with expert advice.

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