Good Health Care Tips: Want Glowing Unhealthy Skin? Do facials at home, follow these steps

Facial Massage at Home: Many people go to parlors for facials. & nbsp; Facials are done according to the type of skin. Facials brighten the skin. It also cleanses the face. Facials should be done once a month for those over 30 years of age. There are many types of facials like Gold Facial, Fruit Facial. Facials reduce the tan on the skin. If you want to do facial at home, follow these steps

1. Keep your fingers close to the eyebrows. Now gently massage by rotating the finger round the forehead. Massage for at least 5 minutes.
2. After massaging the forehead, massage the eyes. Thumb massaging the eye area reduces dark circles. & Nbsp;
3. Then gently massage with fingers on cheeks and chin. & Nbsp;

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& nbsp; Try Facial Yoga at Home
Facial yoga is a form of facial massage and exercise. Doing this yoga stimulates the facial muscles and skin. It also reduces stress and anxiety. It also softens facial muscles. Some research has shown that facial yoga brightens the skin. Facial yoga has many mental and physical benefits. & Nbsp;

Avoid ‘these’ things after facials

Avoid going out in the sun- & nbsp; If you go out in the sun immediately after facials, you may get a reaction on your face. So avoid going out in the sun immediately after & nbsp; facial. & Nbsp;

Do not thread – Do not thread immediately after facial. This is because threading immediately after the facial can lead to cuts in the rope. So threading should be done before facial. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Don’t wear face mask- Don’t wear face mask for one week after facial. Applying a face mask can reduce the glow on the skin.

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