Research on Password: Most Indians use ‘Ya’ as password; If you are one of them, be careful!

Research on Password: Netbanking, e-mail, online payment app, etc. are currently being used by many people. Passwords are used for security of all these things. Passwords protect users’ personal information. Many experts recommend keeping a password in mind. NordPass recently released a report. According to the report, many people in India use these words to keep passwords. Let’s learn about these words …

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The most commonly used word in the world as a password
Research has shown that the word QWERTY is the most widely used password in the world. Also people from 43 out of 50 countries have ‘123456’ & nbsp; This password is preferred.

Simple password protection tips

1. Keep changing your password from time to time.

2. Never use a single password for all accounts, use different numbers to create banking passwords or trading account passwords.

3.Let your password be long. Enter at least eight characters in the password. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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