Fairness Creams Leading to Kidney Issues : Are girls using fairness creams? But watch out for your kidneys

Fairness Creams Leading to Kidney Issues : Are girls using fairness creams?  But watch out for your kidneys

Cancer with Fairness Creams : Many people use skin fairness creams to get glowing skin and look fair. Companies are also promoting fairness creams saying that if you apply these, you will look white, your skin will be bright, and you will have healthy skin. But they are looking to increase their income, they are forgetting that they should not use chemicals that do not harm the skin. This is the latest study. It has been revealed that kidney problems are increasing with fairness creams. 

Damage kidney filters..

Kidney problems in India due to use of skin fairness creams A recent study revealed that cases are on the rise. It is said that these creams contain high amount of mercury, which can harm the kidneys. The study was published in the medical journal Kidney International. Increased use of fairness creams with high mercury content has revealed an increase in cases of membranous nephropathy. This problem is said to damage kidney filters. 

Mercury is absorbed through the skin..

Membranous nephropathy MN is an autoimmune disease. This causes protein leakage. This results in nephrotic syndrome which leads to kidney problems. This causes protein to be excreted from the body in the form of urine. Mercury in moisturizer is absorbed through the skin. It destroys the kidney filters. Researchers involved in the study said that it leads to an increase in cases of nephrotic syndrome. 

If you stop using it.. the skin color changes..

Beauty Fairness available in India Creams give quick results. Their price is also a bit high. However, many people use them regularly because of the good results. If you stop using the cream once, the skin will become darker. That's why they don't stop using them. Due to their increased consumption.. it leads to more health problems. Membranous Nephropathy cases were studied between July 2021 and September 2023 and the results were revealed. .. Symptoms include fatigue, foamy urine. Protein levels in urine increase. The patient develops cerebral vein thrombosis, a blood clot in the brain. Impairs kidney function. In some cases it can even be fatal. That is why experts suggest to stop using fairness creams. It is suggested that people should be made aware of these. They say that to prevent this danger, the use of these fairness creams should be reduced. 

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