Don't make this mistake on YouTube even by mistake! Account may be banned

Don't make this mistake on YouTube even by mistake!  Account may be banned

YouTube Banning Ad Blocker Apps Users: The number of people watching videos on YouTube is very high. The company has now become strict towards those users who use ad blocker. People using third party ad blockers should be careful today because YouTube is keeping a direct eye on such users only. The company has started taking action and banning such users. 

Ad blocker is a software which removes ads from YouTube videos, that is, you do not have to pay anything separately for this. Users using this app have been warned. YouTube says that strict action will be taken against those users who violate the company's rules. Along with this, YouTube also says that if you do not want to see ads in the middle of the video, then you should take premium subscription. You can also buy it online. 

Youtube is strict about ad blocking 

According to YouTube, users using third party ad blocking apps may face problems or buffering while playing videos. Some videos may also display an error message saying 'This content is not available on this app'. Now third-party apps will not be allowed to block ads, because due to this the creator does not get money in exchange for his views. 

Youtube offers premium subscription to its users in which people get many facilities like ad-free videos, background playback etc. However, the charge for YouTube Premium in India is Rs 129 per month. If you take a 3 month plan then it is Rs 399. Similarly, the annual plan is Rs 1290. 

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