Colorful town .. not plastic toys .. all of these are here! Do you know somewhere?

What appears in this color & zwnj; full photo is not plastic toys. Everything is here. Not being trustworthy? However, you have to go to Ukraine. There are colorful monuments in Kiev. & lsquo; Comfort Town & rsquo; The construction of the town will be completed in 2019. Since then, photos and videos of the buildings have been circulating virally on social media. In aerial view these buildings look like Lego bricks playing with small children. All of these are called Lego buildings. Designers Dimitrov Vasiliev, Alexander Popov and Olga Alfierova worked for eleven years on the project. The building complex is spread over a total area of ​​115 acres. They painted 8,500 flats, including cafes, shops, residential complexes, hotels and offices, in a variety of colors.

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