Christmas Celebrations: Christmas is coming, do you know how it is celebrated in which country?

Christmas Celebrations: Christmas is coming, do you know how it is celebrated in which country?

How People Celebrate Christmas All Over the World: The world is getting ready for Christmas. On the 25th of this month, Christmas celebrations are going to be held with grandeur all over the world. Christians celebrate this festival to celebrate the birth of Christ. Many days before Christmas, the festive buzz starts. Christians decorate their houses beautifully. Churches are beautifully decorated. A paka is arranged with bamboo sticks and pasted with colored papers. The stars are hung from that dish. Stars are also hung on the house. Christmas trees are arranged in houses. Beautifully decorated with stars, small bells and small spheres.   

Christmas celebrations are different in each country

Christians spend Christmas day happily and cheerfully. Special gifts are exchanged. Special prayers are celebrated in churches. Parties are celebrated with relatives. A feast is enjoyed with delicious food items. On the day of the festival, celebrations are celebrated according to the respective traditions. Christmas is celebrated differently in different countries around the world. Conducted according to traditions and cultures. Now let's try to know how Christmas is celebrated in any country..

Mexico: Christmas celebrations are celebrated in Mexico in the most grand manner. The day before the birth of Christ i.e. from the night of December 24  Celebrate. As part of this celebration, midnight is spent with good music and dance. Enjoy special festival food.   

Japan: Christmas is not a holiday in Japan. But, people celebrate these celebrations in a grand manner. Many people go on a dinner date on Christmas. Instead of cooking at home, many people prefer to eat out. Most people order chicken food during Christmas. Japanese people celebrate Christmas with good food and entertainment.

France: France‌ Christmas celebrations in India usually start from December 5. But, Christmas Eve is very special. People celebrate a big feast on that day. At midnight, friends and family eat this feast.   

China: China has a small population of Christians who celebrate Christmas. During Christmas  Christians give special gifts to their children.  Especially apples are given. Christian families have a ‘Tree of Light’ A plastic Christmas tree is also arranged at home. It is decorated with beautiful lanterns and paper flowers.

Sweden: Christmas celebrations in Sweden, Finland, Norway start with Saint Lucia Day in early December. This day is being implemented as a holiday in the respective countries. Saint Lucia is considered one of the first Christian martyrs. She commemorates those who died defending her Christian beliefs. Public processions are held on this occasion. As part of this ceremony, girls and boys wear white clothes and sing traditional songs. It is a tradition for the eldest daughter of every family to offer baked goods like coffee, saffron bread and ginger biscuits to the family members.

India: We celebrate Christmas in India‌ Celebrations are done differently in each state. In Goa, Kerala, Mumbai and the North East, Christmas is celebrated according to the western and local traditions. People in Goa have a traditional feast before attending midnight mass. The feast continues till dawn. Goa, a erstwhile Portuguese colony, has many ancient churches. Special prayers are celebrated in these churches.  

Australia: Christmas takes place here in the summer. Many people organize barbecue parties at home, in the park, on the beach. As it is time for summer vacations to begin, these celebrations are celebrated with enthusiasm. Go to church and participate in special prayers.    

Spain: Christmas celebrations in this country start on December 24. It will continue till January 6. Mothers give special gifts to their children on this occasion. Family members have fun during Christmas in Spain. People want to spend time with their loved ones. 

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