Cancer Kill: Are white blood cells the villains? The reason behind the increase in cancerous tumors, the study revealed shocking facts

Cancer Kill: Are white blood cells the villains?  The reason behind the increase in cancerous tumors, the study revealed shocking facts

Cancer Kill: Cancer is becoming a deadly disease that is troubling humanity worldwide. Especially, cancer is affecting everyone, regardless of age, from newborns to 80-year-olds. Treatment for cancer is not fully available yet. Doctors say that detecting some types of cancer at an early stage will result.

Many medical institutions and scientists around the world are conducting many researches on cancer. Among these, they are trying to know the root cause of cancer. Some scientists from Singapore have brought to light many interesting facts about cancer. In a way forward for cancer research and treatment design, Singaporean scientists are exploring how cancer cells are produced. Singaporean scientists have shed light on many aspects of how they undergo serious changes and develop into malignant cells. 

It is said that neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, are mainly responsible for cancer becoming a deadly disease. Neutrophils are part of white blood cells that act as the body's first line of defense against infections and inflammation. However, these neutrophils are directly responsible for the growth of cancer cells. Singaporean scientists concluded that neutrophils present in a tumor play a key role in supporting tumor growth. Neutrophils are part of the body's immune system to fight infections. Primarily responsible for phagocytosis. Through this process they destroy microorganisms like bacteria and fungi.

Recently published by scientists in the science journal According to the research team, neutrophils are among the cells that promote cancer tumor growth. Found to be playing a major role. Scientists used a pre-clinical model of pancreatic cancer to investigate how neutrophils change inside a cancerous tumor. What new features have been acquired? Tried to find out. But tracking the reprogramming process revealed that in addition to promoting the formation of new blood vessels in the cancer tumor center, neutrophils facilitate tumor growth by providing other nutrients, including oxygen. Actually white blood cells are the ones that boost immunity in our body. White blood cells help to kill bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. But their research has shown that these white blood cells are also the cause of cancer, especially white blood cells called neutrophils, which contribute to the growth of these cancerous tumors. But scientists' research is still in the preliminary stage. These researches are likely to continue further and may lead to a breakthrough in the root cause of cancer.

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