Brain Damage: Binge Eating Fast Food? Not only you, but also the generations before you, what will happen?

Brain Damage: Binge Eating Fast Food?  Not only you, but also the generations before you, what will happen?

It is a well-known fact that neems are not good for health. Chips, french fries and other fast food can cause long-term brain damage, new research suggests. Moreover, this pollution is dangerous enough to affect the brain of future generations.

Scientists from the University of Chicago conducted a study to find out the effect of food fried in heated oil more than once.. on health. Generally, restaurants use oil that has been heated more than once. Once used oil is heated again and again, it has brain damage properties.  They found that brain health is affected by food made with this oil.

As part of the study, some rats were fed food cooked like that. After that their health was checked. On this occasion, inflammation was observed in the liver of the rats. Moreover, memory loss was also found in them. It is known that it can cause dementia in the long run. Foods cooked in overheated oil can cause brain damage, study claims.

The same problem was seen in baby mice fed a similar diet. Scientists from the University of Chicago warn that food cooked in oil heated at high temperature levels can cause many metabolic disorders. Scientists revealed that oil heated more than once accelerates the process of neurodegeneration.

Don't eat too much fast food

Oil is consumed in fast food centers for a few days or weeks. There is a huge difference in health when eating food made with fresh oil versus food made with reheated oil. Especially when sesame oil and sunflower oil are repeatedly heated, the oxidation stress and inflammation in the liver increased. Significant damage was also observed in the large intestine. There is a risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

This is not the first research to show that a poor diet can affect brain health. Many studies have already stated that highly processed foods and crisp fried meats are not good for health. It has been found to be directly related to sudden memory loss in the elderly.

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