Stop Counting Calories : Are you counting calories to lose weight? But this is for you

Stop Counting Calories : Are you counting calories to lose weight?  But this is for you

Stop Counting Calories : The first thing we do as soon as we think of losing weight is food control. Part of this is counting calories and eating too much. How many calories are in any food? How many have we eaten so far? They also prepare a diet chart of how much to eat. It may play an important role in your weight loss but.. you should know that it can also destroy your health. Losing weight isn’t the only thing that’s important, losing weight in a healthy way is what gives you long-term results. 

Slows down the metabolism..

Recognize that we shouldn’t turn our body into just a calorie-burning machine. So those who are aiming to lose weight should know that it is not just about cutting calories. Did you know that when you consume fewer calories your metabolism slows down? Metabolism slows down when you eat too few calories or restrict calories for a long time. As a result, fewer calories are burned during rest than during physical activity. 

Not all calories are created equal..

Another important thing to note The point is that not all calories are created equal. So counting calories..must not ignore the nutrients to be given to the body. Not all calories provide the same health benefits. So choosing foods rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber is essential for health. Apart from losing weight, these also have the ability to energize your body. So they should not be taken as the same thing. While providing the necessary things to the body.. should be taken in limited quantities. 

No regular food..

Many people fall into the illusion of calories. Eating the same type of food regularly. It’s not weight loss.. it completely destroys your metabolism. If you eat the same food for a long time, your body gets used to it. This increases digestive problems. So apart from routine food.. you have to try different food items. No matter what kind of food you take, you should not exceed the dose. 

Time is important, not calories

Experts say that it is better to pay attention to the intake of calories and food over time. Some do not eat on time at all. It is eaten at a different time each day. There is a high chance of gaining weight by taking this. Experts say that if you eat food on time, you don’t even need to go on any diet. 

Calorie that increases stress

Do you know what other damage comes from counting calories? The pressure increases. Yes, even if you consume less calories, you will think about it without realizing it. Oops I ate too much. Eating less can affect your mood. Moreover, food cravings may increase without you knowing. Sometimes the desire to eat increases and they eat more at once. Stress is one of the main reasons for weight gain so focus on ways to lose weight without stress. should focus Keep things like almonds, fruits and nuts available to you without turning your mind towards snacks. They also play a vital role in losing weight and staying healthy. Realize that any food has a limit. You should definitely exercise to digest the food you eat. No matter how many calories you count and how many diets you try, if you don’t exercise, you’re unlikely to lose weight. Losing too much weight can bring you health problems. When it comes to food, the differences between satisfaction and control should be identified and food should be taken accordingly.

Quality food, regular exercise, good sleep, staying away from addictions like drugs and cigarettes, reducing stress and reducing weight can be done in a healthy way. You can also take professional help if needed. To lose weight, it is important to focus on a healthy lifestyle rather than cutting calories. If you pay attention to what to give to the body, how much to give and when to give it, you will stay healthy and lose weight. 

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