ALERT! Mosquito Coil can kill not only mosquitoes but also your life, if you sleep with it then think a hundred times

Mosquito Coil Side Effects : The mosquito coil you use to drive away mosquitoes can also kill you. It was only a few days ago when a family of Delhi was sleeping with mosquito coils. Due to the closure of the doors and windows, the whole room was filled with smoke and carbon monoxide gas spread there. The fire emanating from the coil engulfed the entire bed and room. Due to this, 6 people died, while 2 people are undergoing treatment in the hospital. People often use coils, incense sticks or any other thing to avoid mosquitoes. It can make you ill. Not only this, it can also kill. Come let’s know from experts how dangerous it is and what can be done to avoid it…

Why the mosquito coil is so dangerous

According to experts, many harmful elements like pyrethrin insecticide, dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane, carbon phosphorus are found in mosquito coils and incense sticks. By lighting incense sticks or coils for a few hours in a closed room overnight, the gas produced inside the room does not come out and gets filled in the room. Due to this, oxygen starts decreasing and carbon monoxide starts reaching the body. Due to which there is difficulty in breathing and death can occur due to suffocation.

How the Mosquito Coil Works

According to experts, mosquito repellents contain such chemicals, which burn the coil or incense stick slowly. They work in two ways. The insecticides they contain kill mosquitoes. At the same time, the aromatic substance of incense sticks drives away mosquitoes. If you apply liquid then it is also not safe. Allethrin and aerosol are found in it. It can damage the lungs along with being an insecticide. A black electrode rod is attached to it, which emits smoke after heating. This affects the lungs.

How Mosquito Coils Harm Health

When the coil or fast card burns, poisonous smoke comes out. It reaches the lungs through the nose and mouth  Goes and causes inflammation in the bronchial. There is a risk of chronic or acute bronchitis if there is more exposure to this smoke. Smoke can also accumulate in the lungs and shrink the bronchial tubes. This can cause asthma disease. It can cause serious harm to babies under 6 months of age.

Should I apply mosquito repellent

According to experts, many people use cream to protect themselves or children from mosquitoes. It is also not completely safe. This can cause many disadvantages. Excessive use of this cream can change the natural color of the skin. This can cause skin allergies, rashes and itching. 
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