Child Health Tips: Are your children eating soil? Get rid of this habit as soon as possible, otherwise…


Child Eating Soil is Dangerous : Most Children (Childres)

Why do babies eat soil?

Have you ever wondered why babies eat soil? Why children like the taste of soil, why they get used to it. There are reasons behind this. Due to lack of calcium and iron in the body, children get used to eating soil. Sometimes it is due to an eating disorder. Sometimes children start eating soil out of curiosity. Children are curious, eager to check everything. But, in most cases, soil eating habit is caused by calcium and iron deficiency.

Harmful to children’s health

Initially even parents look on with curiosity and love and ignore children’s soil eating. After that, children get used to it. But children’s habit of eating soil has a bad effect on their health. This habit causes them many problems related to stomach and digestion. If this habit of children is not stopped in time, it will lead to many serious problems.

Get rid of children’s soil eating habit by doing ‘this’ remedy.

Do not offer non-food items

Do not give non-food items to children. That is, give nutritious food. Take care when giving food to children to ensure that they meet their body’s deficiency of essential nutrients. Try to improve the children’s eating habits and some of your own. Avoid giving children food that lacks nutrients.

Feed the kids bananas

Bananas are rich in calcium. Children should be given banana every day. This will fulfill the calcium requirement of their body and help them to gradually give up the habit of eating soil. You can also feed bananas mixed with honey to children.

Give calcium rich diet

When children develop calcium deficiency in their bodies, they start liking the taste of earth. Feed children foods that have enough calcium so they don’t eat soil. As per doctor’s advice, calcium medicines can also be given.

Clove is effective 

If children have a habit of eating soil and want to break this habit, giving them clove water will be beneficial. Boil six to seven cloves well in a cup of water and give this water to children to drink. By doing this remedy, children will stop eating soil within a few days.

Disclaimer : The claims mentioned in this article are just for information and advice to the readers. ABP does not confirm this to me. Before applying any treatment/medicine/diet and instructions, please consult a doctor or a concerned specialist.

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