What is the ‘super’ variant of Corona that has knocked in India? Devastation creating in US-UK

XBB 1.5 Variant: The BF.7 variant of Corona is causing havoc in China. Lakhs of corona cases are coming to the fore in the smallest city. On the other hand, Omicron’s XBB 1.5 variant is causing havoc in the world’s powerful countries America and Great Britain. This ‘Super’ variant has also been launched in India. Its first case has come to light in Gujarat. Meanwhile, data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that more than 40% of cases in the United States are of the XBB.1.5 variant. In Britain too, many cases of this new variant are coming to the fore. Experts say that the world is currently facing the most infectious variant of Corona.

The most infectious variant of Corona so far is ready to wreak havoc in the world from the new year. This variant has already been launched in India. The first case has been found in Gujarat. Experts say that people with cancer are at the highest risk of this disease. Experts say that the XBB 1.5 variant is 120 times more infectious than other variants of Corona.

What is XBB 1.5 variant

Eric Feigel Ding, one of the world’s top virologists, has termed XBB.1.5 a ‘super variant’. The XBB.1.5 variant is not entirely a variant of Omicron. Rather it is a mixture of Delta and Omicron variants of Corona. This variant is composed of BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75. It is more transition than BQ.1 and XBB. According to the data, XBB.1.5 is 120% more infectious than BQ.1 and 96 times more infectious than XBB.

Bad condition in America-UK due to XBB 1.5 variant

The XBB 1.5 variant has given sleepless nights to the US and UK governments. Here once again the number of patients getting admitted in Corona hospitals is increasing. 40 percent of Corona cases in America are of XBB 1.5 variant. The XBB.1.5 variant is also spreading rapidly in the UK.

spread in 34 countries of the world

Apart from India, it has spread to 34 other countries of the world. This variant is the most dangerous of all variants in the Omicron family. Apart from this in India, cases of BF.7 have been found in Gujarat and Odisha.

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