This was our decency… Why did Himanta Biswa Sarma get angry on Rahul Gandhi, said- see you in the court

Former Congress MP Rahul Gandhi strongly attacked the Adani case on Saturday. At the same time, he also targeted the old Congress leaders who have left the party in the last few years. The name of Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma was also included in this tweet of Rahul. Himanta has replied to Rahul’s tweet. He indicated to file a case and said that they would meet in the court.

Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi’s tweet, Himanta Biswa Sarma said that it was our decency that we never asked you where did you hide the proceeds of crime of Bofors and National Herald scam? He further wrote, “How did you allow Ottavio Quattrocchi to escape the clutches of Indian justice many times. Never mind, we will meet in court.

Significantly, Rahul Gandhi had shared a word puzzle, in which he raised the Adani issue again. Adani was written in this photo and the names of Ghulam, Scindia, Kiran, Himanta and Anil were written around it. All these are leaders who were once in the Congress and have now left the party. Most of them are in BJP. While tweeting this, Rahul Gandhi wrote that he hides the truth, that’s why he misleads everyday. The question remains the same – who has ₹20,000 crore benami money in Adani’s companies?

Congress attacks on Adani case, Pawar sidelines

Ever since the Hindenburg report related to the Adani case came out in January, the entire opposition, including the Congress, is under attack. During the budget session, the opposition remained adamant on the demand of JPC, but Sharad Pawar, a part of the opposition, has distanced himself from it. He has considered the Supreme Court committee more effective. Sharad Pawar on Saturday said he was not completely against a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into allegations against the Adani group, but a Supreme Court committee would be more appropriate and effective in this regard. Pawar told reporters that if the JPC has 21 members, due to strength of numbers in Parliament, 15 would be from the ruling party and six from opposition parties, which would raise doubts over the committee. He said that the apex court decided to constitute a committee of retired judges of the Supreme Court with directions to submit the report in a specific time period.

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