Insult of Biharis will not be tolerated.. Nitish government in action on violence in Tamil Nadu

Politics has heated up in Tamil Nadu due to the attack on Bihari laborers. After the Bihar Legislative Assembly, this matter also echoed in the Legislative Council on Thursday. Nitish government has come into action on this matter. Finance Minister Vijay Chaudhary said that the government has taken cognizance of this. Information has been sought from the Government of Tamil Nadu. Insult to any Bihari in another state will not be tolerated. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also talked to the officials of Tamil Nadu and instructed the Chief Secretary and DGP of Bihar to ensure the safety of Bihari laborers.

There was a huge uproar in the Bihar Legislative Council on Thursday over the incident of assault on Biharis in Tamil Nadu. After this, State Finance Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said that the Bihar government has taken the whole matter into cognizance. Information has been sought from the Tamil Nadu government on this. He said that the government will take strict action even if any Bihari is treated indecently, leave alone fighting in another state.

At the same time, CM Nitish Kumar tweeted that he has received information about the beating of Bihari laborers in Tamil Nadu through the media. He has spoken to the officials of Tamil Nadu in this regard. Along with this, the Chief Secretary of Bihar and DGP RS Bhatti have also been instructed to ensure the safety of the workers.

Bihari laborers killed in Tamil Nadu, Tejashwi went to celebrate Stalin’s birthday: BJP targets Nitish government

Let us tell you that in different areas of Tamil Nadu, for the past few days, the local people have been carrying out deadly attacks on Hindi speaking Bihari laborers. It is claimed that two people living in Madhubani have died so far. At the same time, more than 50 people from other districts have been injured. The people of Tamil Nadu say that people coming from Bihar are working for less money, due to which the local people are not getting employment. There Hindi speaking people are being selectively beaten up. People of Bihar working in Tamil Nadu have requested Nitish government for help by sending videos of violence.

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