Former Deputy Prime Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram’s daughter-in-law was also among those burnt inside the old age home, police found skeleton

The daughter-in-law of former Deputy Prime Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram was burnt alive on her bed in a fire that broke out on the morning of January 1 at an old age home in Greater Kailash area of ​​the capital Delhi. In this accident, 91-year-old Kamal Kumar could not get out of his bed.

When the police and fire brigade team reached the spot after dousing the fire, only Kamal Kumar’s skeleton was found on the bed. His grandson identified him by the ring worn on his hand. After the postmortem, the police handed over the body to his grandson on Sunday.

Sources said that at present only his grandson is present in his family. The deceased Kamal Kumar was the first wife of Suresh Ram, son of former Prime Minister Babu Jagjivan.

Had come from England to meet mother, death was reported as soon as he reached

Kanchan Arora, 86, who was found dead in her room in the old age home fire, last met her family on Thursday. Her brother and sister-in-law had gone to meet her and her son was supposed to come to meet her on Monday, but a fire broke out at Antara Care Home on Sunday morning and Kanchan Arora became a victim of the accident. Her son, who arrived from England, told that he had come to Delhi only to meet his mother, he was informed of her death in the parking lot of Delhi airport. Since then he is in shock.

He told that his mother used to live alone, but she was kept in Antara Care Home only after the onset of cold. She had been living in the ashram for the last one and a half months and had to return home by January 30. He and his family were in constant touch with the mother. His maternal uncle and maternal uncle had gone to meet his mother on Thursday itself. His relatives live in US, UK. All are returning to India for the last rites of the mother, after which the last rites of the mother will be performed.

Attendant left Police sources said that investigation has revealed that Kamal Arora was sleeping in her room at the time of the accident. Due to this his attendant was not present there. This accident happened while sleeping, due to which she did not know about it and could not ask for help. By the time the attendant reached Kamal after the accident, the fire had engulfed the third floor.

Hospitalized elders are now out of danger: The condition of an elderly man who was admitted to Max Hospital in Saket after inhaling smoke is now normal. Doctors say that he was having trouble breathing. After which he was admitted. He stabilized after a few hours. Right now he will be kept in the hospital.

Name will be entered after investigation

The police officer said that at present a case has been registered against unknown people in the matter. After the investigation, if the negligence of the staff comes to the fore or if the fire is due to any negligence of the management, then along with the staff, the name of the management will be added to the case. Police say that many other sections can be added in this case after investigation.

The staff did not try to extinguish the fire

The police officer said that when he reached the spot, all the fire extinguishers were kept at their place. Seeing which it could be inferred that the staff present there did not use these devices. If an attempt was made to control the fire with the help of fire extinguishers in time, then the accident could have been prevented. Later, the police controlled the fire with the help of these instruments.

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