Chaudhary Charan Singh’s legacy is weakening, Jayant lost his status; Akhilesh also got a shock

The political legacy of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh, who was once the leader of peasant politics, seems to be weakening today. His late son Ajit Singh and grandson Jayant Chowdhary had to face electoral defeat in 2019. Not only this, even in the 2022 assembly elections, the Rashtriya Lok Dal had won only 8 seats, while it contested 33. Municipal elections are going to be held in UP in May and before that the Rashtriya Lok Dal has suffered another major setback. The Election Commission has taken away the status of a state party from Rashtriya Lok Dal.

In such a situation, even a reserve symbol will not be left with the Rashtriya Lok Dal and its null election symbol will be snatched away. Till now RLD has been identified with the Nal election symbol in West UP. But snatching the status from the Election Commission is like an itch in the leprosy for him. Jayant Chaudhary, who claimed the effect of the farmer’s movement and the re-establishment of Muslim-Jat unity, was expecting a big success in the 2022 assembly elections. But even after fighting on 33 seats, it could get only 25 percent seats.

National status snatched before elections, how will they be able to show amazing in 2024

Now he faces a double challenge. On the one hand, the mass base is not being able to gather, and on the other hand, the symbol which was being recognized since decades, has also been snatched away. This has also dealt a blow to Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party, who is in alliance with the Rashtriya Lok Dal. Both the parties contested the elections together in the 2022 assembly elections as well. For any party to get a state-level party, it is necessary that it should get 3 percent seats in the assembly elections or it should get a minimum of 3 seats.

Did not recover from the shock of 2022, now a new problem arises

The blow suffered by RLD in last year’s UP assembly elections was historic. The reason for this was that the center of the farmer’s movement that lasted for more than a year was the same West UP, which is called the stronghold of RLD. Apart from this, the association of the Jat community was also seen in this movement. Even after this, BJP got a big lead. In such a situation, snatching the symbol of RLD is like a double blow for him.

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