Amul Enters Karnataka: Now there is a 3rd plot to end the lifeline of Kannadigas Nandini: HDK alleges

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Bangalore: Former CM HD Kumaraswamy has alleged that now there is a 3rd conspiracy to end the lifeblood of Kannadigas Nandini. He has made a series of tweets about this and has attacked the state government.

Plot 1: Merger of Nandini with Amul; Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement, Plot 2: Printing the Hindi word ‘dahi’ on curd. Both plots failed due to strong opposition from Kannadigas. He alleged that the central government is going through Amul to make the 3rd plot successful.

Amul is desperate to disrupt its only competitor Nandi in Karnataka. “One country, one Amul, one milk, one Gujarat” is the official policy of the central government. KMF is strangling Amul by insisting on it. Now Amul has accused that it is infiltrating through the back door.

Nandini Vs Amul : Nandini is the property of Kannadigas; If we do that, there will be a bloody revolution in Karnataka – CM Ibrahim

Amul, which is going to sell the original dairy product milk under its own brand in Karnataka, is sure to adopt Nandini. Kannadigas, who are strongly resisting the imposition of Hindi, and the KMF, have expressed fear that Amul is betting that the story must end.

It is clear that Amul is doing unnecessary competition with KMF and trying to trample Nandini day by day. Unhealthy competition between well-known sister organizations in the cooperative sector is not in anyone’s interest. KMF directly buys milk from farmers through cooperative societies in thousands of villages in the state.

It is clear that the BJP double engine government is trying to push the milk producers of our state to the streets and make them slaves of Gujaratis. Despite all this, the silence of the state government and the inaction of KMF have caused many doubts.

KMF has never sold milk in Gujarat. It respects Amul’s local market interest, cooperative philosophy. KMF does not sell its milk in the local area of ​​any mahamandal where milk is plentiful. While Karnataka believed in real cooperation, Gujarat believed in non-cooperation.

Amul should owe Kannadigas. When HD Deve Gowda was the Prime Minister and HD Revanna was the President of KMF, a special ice cream unit was set up at Yelahanka Mother Dairy, and from this unit, KMF has been producing large quantities of Amul brand ice cream on a daily basis for decades.

Not only that, the state government has given Gujarat Milk Mahamandal Amul a huge plot of land in Koramangala, Bengaluru at a very low price. Amul has accused Karnataka milk producers and KMF of being so generous.

As Kannadigas, we should wake up immediately and protect the interests of the farmers of the state who depend on Nandini as priority. Our people-consumers should use only Nandini products on priority to save the lives of the farmers of the state. The double engine government here should wake up and immediately stop the sale of Amul’s packet milk in the state. Amul is stealthily coming through the back door at the insistence of the Centre. Kannadigars have called for a crackdown against KMF and Amul, which is tying a noose around the necks of farmers.

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